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There is a growing concern for the spread of HIV, Hepatitis and other blood-borne pathogens and communicable diseases. Without proper training and equipment, dealing with contaminated scenes is a very risky task.

At Bowdecon, we understand that you may not feel able to cope with the additional burden brought on by interacting with insurance companies during this catastrophic time. That is why we extend our services to assist you with your insurance claim (if requested) from start to finish.

Suicide Cleanup

Suicide scene cleanup services to help families during this dreadful and difficult time. This discreet and confidential service includes the cleaning, decontamination, removal and proper disposal of all potentially infectious substances and materials such as blood, body fluids, tissue, etc.

Human Decomposition

More people are living alone, without the support of family and friends. Because of this, their deaths sometimes go unnoticed for days, weeks or even months. The overpowering odor of a decomposing body can be unbearable and such scenes can be among the most difficult for people to encounter.

Homicide/Accidental Death

The sudden or violent death of a loved one is something that no one ever wants to face. Unfortunately, we sometimes find ourselves in these awful situations. Bowdecon Biohazard Management can help during this tragic and often confusing time.

Industrial/Worksite Accident

It is an unfortunate fact that workplace accidents occur. An instant of inattention or circumstances beyond anyone’s control can spell disaster. Bowdecon LLC Biohazard Management will respond in a prompt manner, to properly and professionally clean and decontaminate the scene, thus restoring it to a safe, non-biohazardous, pre-incident condition. We will also remove and properly dispose of all contaminated items and materials.


In many cases, the mess is simply a gradual build-up over time, until it gets to such a state that the occupants simply can’t cope. They just stop trying because they are overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of the mess and then it really gets out of hand. The result is a mountain of debris that
can attract rodents, bugs, mold, fungus and a host of other undesirable pests. It can be a health hazard to the occupants, their guests, and even the surrounding neighborhood, as the pests tend to spread to other areas nearby. The clutter can also be a fire hazard, posing an immediate danger to the residence and possible collateral damage to close neighboring residences.

Distressed Properties

Removing the rubbish from a neglected property is a large and dangerous task, especially when there are potentially infectious substances and other unknown exposures buried within the contents of the general filth. A few examples from a very long list are hypodermic needles, broken glass, dead animal carcasses, weapons or anything saturated with blood or bodily fluids. Bowdecon Biohazard Management staff is properly trained and fully certified to safely remove and properly dispose of the unwanted items (furniture, garbage, carpet, sharps, drugs, etc.).


Odors from smoking or pets, for example, can be especially difficult to remedy. Our technology doesn’t simply mask the odors with a scent, it virtually destroys the odor molecules. We can actually remove the odor from your vehicle / house / apartment / work site.

Roadway/Outdoor Clean Ups

With newfound understanding and insight regarding biohazard and environmental contamination, tougher regulations and restrictions are being imposed by government entities, so ‘wash downs’ or ‘leaving it to nature’ are no longer acceptable procedure. Because certain strains of bloodborne pathogens are able to sustain life outside of the body for weeks at a time, it is crucial that these scenes be properly cleaned and decontaminated.

Other Sevices

  • Medical waste collection & proper disposal
  • Sharps collection & proper disposal
  • Biohazard decontamination for businesses, offices, homes, apartments, vehicles (blood, body
    fluids, body tissue, vomit, feces, urine, etcetera)
  • Abatement of damage caused by multiple pet hoarding
  • Emergency Board-ups
  • Decontamination of rodent/animal/bird infestation
  • Collection & proper disposal of obsolete evidence (police)
  • Tear Gas removal and abatement
  • Finger Print Dust Clean-ups
  • Sharps/Hypodermic Needle recovery and proper disposal
  • Automobile Decontaminating & Deodorizing, Suicide, Illness, Homicide, Human Decomposition, Accident, Smoker’s odor, Pet odor, Train/Bus/Aircraft Cleaning and Decontaminating from Suicide, Homicide, and Accident

Police/Fire/Municipal Services

  • Law Enforcement / Fire Department / Municipal Vehicles: Bowdecon will properly clean,
  • Decontaminate and deodorize any type of law enforcement/first responder vehicle. We will
    remove and properly dispose of any infectious waste or hazardous substance left behind in
  • Detention Facilities/Other County Properties: Bowdecon will respond promptly to clean, decontaminate and remove the associated infectious waste and odors, to restore the area to a safe, non-biohazardous, pre-incident condition. This service will include the complete removal of blood, body fluids, raw sewage and related gross filth. All waste will be properly disposed in compliance with State and Federal regulations and in compliance with the strict guidelines set by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).
  • Collection & proper disposal of obsolete evidence.
  • Sharps Collection & proper Disposal.
  • Roadway / Street / Sidewalk Clean-up: For a description of Bowdecon street cleaning services,
    please refer to the ‘Roadway / Outdoor Clean-up’ link on any page of our website.

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Service Area

We have response teams in Central and Southeast Michigan. Bowdecon is proud to offer services to all of Michigan. We will also respond to incidents which occur in the northwest Ohio and northern Indiana areas.

Even if you are not within our described service area, don’t hesitate to call, as we are associated with companies in most areas of the country who are equally trained and qualified to care for your needs. Our Links page lists a few of our cohorts and we would always be happy to help you connect with a company close to you if these are not.

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